Review: HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax series C309 [part 3]

HP PhotoSmart - Photo 2 - C309 All-In-One

You may have read my reviews of the HP PhotoSmart Premium C309 last year (read Part 1 and Part 2) . I kept the printer (as per Hewlett Packard Canada’s offer) and I was very disappointed with the fact that I could not scan-to-PDF wirelessly. I don’t know why this problem happens, but I can tell you one thing – I found out how to scan-to-PDF completely seamlessly and that’s why I am writing this blog post. Just connect the printer to your laptop/desktop computer via USB (you will need a long-enough cable or a USB-to-USB cable so that you can connect them).

After I set up the printer drivers (I can’t recall if the software does it on its own, but I do recall that it was an absolutely painless process), I started testing whether I could print (which I could). To print via the USB, you’ll have to choose from your list of printers HP PhotoSmart C309 Copy 1 (USB).

When I tested scan-to-PDF, I simply located the document I wanted to scan and then used the control panel (there’s four options on your LCD screen, you can choose “Scan” and then “To Computer” and then “To PDF”), and then press OK. The printer scanned it really fast and it saved it in My Documents / My Scans. It was a really painless process, and I think that this printer has become about 6 times more useful now that I can actually print easily and scan-to-PDF.

I know that one of the major selling points is the wireless attribute for most wireless printers, but frankly I don’t know why I would want to set it up wireless when I am mostly at my desk all day (except, of course, when I have meetings with clients or students, or when I teach). At any rate, most of the problems I manifested with the HP PhotoSmart Premium C309 disappeared once I connected the printer to my laptop via USB. Maybe not worth a full blog post, but hey, small discoveries and pleasures in life! Also, I hope this post is useful for those who are struggling with the wireless connection.

I wrote a review of the HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax Series C309 (read Part 1 and Part 2) as part of a blogger relations program by Hill & Knowlton on behalf of their client HP Canada. I kept the printer as HP Canada made it clear that I could keep the printer should I desire to do so (I have bought the ink cartridges and paper supplies on my own dime, though). In any review I write, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions or should your company want to send me a product for review, feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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