Credit: Rob Cottingham (Noise to Signal)

Credit: Rob Cottingham (Noise to Signal)

I love giving away prize packages, tickets and passes to my readers, giving them access to a variety of family-oriented events and functions, such as theatre, dance, film and music festivals as well as restaurants and hotel getaways. I plan to continue doing so.

Quick and dirty rules on having a giveaway/contest hosted on

  • I suggest you pitch me the way I like being pitched. There’s a page for that, and you can read it here. It helps if you build a rapport, and not pitch me just out of the blue expecting me to give you the full moon and stars.
  • If you are offering the same promotion to a group of bloggers, I would appreciate knowing this in advance so I can craft my contest in a unique way that would add value to my readers experience. I would also most likely run my giveaway on different dates
  • At all points, I will be disclosing the name of the company that sponsored the tickets/product giveaway. I am a very big fan and proponent of disclosure, transparency and accountability. Please ensure you will be ok with my policy.
  • I don’t charge a hosting/administrative fee for contests right now (albeit I may in the future). But since I don’t get paid and don’t have staff, it would help me if you contacted me reminding me of a particular giveaway if you haven’t heard back from me about winners and/or dates in which I will be running the contest.

Quick-and-dirty rules of entering my contests (for my readers)

  • I will contact you by email, unless there is a way to contact you via Twitter.
  • You have 24 hours to contact me and let me know if you can make use of the product/tickets/passes.
  • If you can’t redeem the giveaway, or if I don’t hear from you within 24 hours of drawing the winner, I will re-draw a winner until I can find a winner (or declare the contest deserted!)
  • Please make every effort to attend the function you won tickets for, and if you can’t make it, please try to notify me at least 24 hours in advance. It looks pretty bad on me when someone gives me tickets (and in particular when their shows depend on ticket revenue) and the tickets aren’t used.

I took some inspiration and great ideas on contests and giveaways from reading Steve Tannock and Alexandra Samuel. But as usual, the disclaimer applies: Any errors or mistakes are mine and mine only.