Review: HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax series C309 [part 2]

HP PhotoSmart - Photo 2 - C309 All-In-One

You might have read my previous post describing the first features of the HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax series C309 that I was sent to review by Hill and Knowlton on behalf of HP Canada (see the disclosure at the end of the post). I won’t repeat these features, but I mentioned I would test the other features of this printer so as to provide a thorough review.

The feature I was looking forward to testing the most was the scan-to-PDF, since that’s one of the features we geeks would need the most. Imagine this scenario – someone sends you a piece of paper to sign (a document in PDF format). So you have to print it, scan it to PDF, sign it and then send it back. I recently had to do this with a licensing agreement for one of the book chapters I’m publishing this year. I couldn’t do it because the scan-to-PDF feature would not allow me to do so.

In my opinion, this is not a fault of the printer, but an unfortunate feature of ever-evolving software. Since I’m running Windows Vista (an operating system that I find incredibly cumbersome), it’s hard to set up the scanners (despite the fact that apparently, the scanner is already set up). I grew increasingly frustrated and searched on Google for solutions, to no avail. I am not alone in this, I have tracked my own website’s stats and searches for “how to get help to make the HP PhotoSmart C309 work for scan to PDF” are relatively frequent. I think this is something that must be easily fixed and that should be in the help (I read the manual but didn’t find an easy explanation as to why this happens.

My laptop has frozen a few times waiting for the printout to come out, and there have been a couple of times when printing will not happen unless I re-start the printer (and sometimes, my laptop). I think that this is just a little glitch with the wireless setup. Overall, it’s a printer that will do what you need it to do (copy, print in color, black and white, double-sided printing, etc.) – the only feature I haven’t gotten to work is the scan-to-PDF. I’ll have to continue testing and update this post. It’s definitely an interesting and valuable printer, worth checking out.

I’d be interested in reading what other users have said. I’ve seen traffic come to my posts from searches on Google and Bing for this printer. Drop a note in the comments section if you’ve used it.

I wrote this review of the HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax Series C309 as part of a blogger relations program by Hill and Knowlton on behalf of their client HP Canada. I am not paid to write the review. HP Canada has made it clear that I can keep the printer should I desire to do so. In any review I write, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions or should your company want to send me a product for review, feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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Ken SageMay 23rd, 2010 at 5:33 pm

I am having a slightly different problem. When I scan to pdf the resulting pdf appears at about 28% and if very readable. But when I bring it up to 100% it is too large to see the entire document.

When I try to make a fillable field at the 28% level, the print font size is too small to read.

How can I get the scan to pdf appear at a 100% readable document??

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