Raul is BloggableI used to blog about myself and my life in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada). Now I write about my life in Mexico and the countries/cities/regions I travel to. Hummingbird604.com is my personal online canvas, where I write about restaurants I eat at, events I attend and things that make me think (in social media, in environment, in public policy and in global politics). I was educated as an artist (I’m a former competitive dancer and theatre stage actor) and so I have written about theatre, dance fine and performing arts in Vancouver and beyond (I no longer do, as my Pitch Me page explains – now I only primarily write travel/tourism).

I chronicle my travels and places I’ve visited in Canada and elsewhere worldwide. While I write this blog primarily for myself, it has gained popularity in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and other areas of the world. Hummingbird604.com is thusly primarily a travel/tourism blog, although some art, food and thought pieces can be thrown in.

Hummingbird604.com is perceived mostly as a travel/tourism blog, though I used to write about lifestyle. Travel, food, arts, culture, fashion, entertainment are all keywords in my world, both online and offline. I treasure the fact that people read it and like it enough to come back. I am always looking for ways to showcase the great things that happen in Vancouver (Canada), in Aguascalientes (Mexico) and worldwide where my travels take me. While I frequently host contests, promotions and giveaways, I do not receive any form(s) of compensation (although occasionally I will receive free tickets to art shows and/or invites to media events – in every single case, I fully disclose when I have received a complimentary item). Technology reviews are also frequently featured (digital cameras, laptops, smartphones and other gadgets, as well as software) on this blog. Most of the technology, software, equipment and hardware reviews I undertake are of products focused on home office, productivity improvement and/or mobile technologies.

Raul Pachego Vega  - Northern Voice 2011

Me at UBC, on the lawn in front of UBC Life Sciences Centre. Photo credit: Kris Krug.

Raul has been iPhonifiedMy consulting studio has had a home at The Network Hub since 2008, and I continue to sit on its Board of Advisors. I have been the organizer of the Vancouver Blogger Meetup since April of 2008, an event that is open to anybody (regardless of experience) with an interest in blogging, although I’m transitioning that to two of my most trusted friends. In the past, I have been a volunteer Board Advisor to the Vancouver chapter of Social Media Club. This club aims to enhance the conversation around social media. Relatedly, I have done a fair bit of social media consulting work in addition to my professional academics. Though now I only take projects on a case-by-base basis.

Shot by a hummingbirdWork I’ve done as a social media consultant includes social media strategy and implementation, blogger relations, platform deployment and network modeling. I have spoken frequently on topics of engagement, community building and the behavior of online networks, particularly around the intersection of public policy, politics and social media as well as teaching with social media. Past projects include the edition and strategy deployment for BC Vote, strategy and training for the City of Surrey (British Columbia), as well as blogger relations projects for Urban Bella Marketing, and the social media strategy for The Community Against Preventable Injuries. Photo credit (to my left): Rob Cottingham on Flickr.

Recent social media talks I’ve given include workshops on how to use social media in a classroom setting (for teachers and educators pre-university), and how to use social media to disseminate information about scholarly academic research. I have spoken on topics of digital identity, community activism and coalition organization through social networking platforms as well as online community building using WordPress (the blogging platform this site is built in)

I hold a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Resource Management and Environmental Studies and self-identify primarily an academic, an educator and a researcher. My major concentration is in Comparative Public Policy (with a focus on environmental politics and policy) but my doctoral dissertation built an interdisciplinary framework with theory and methods that borrow from many disciplines, including economic geography, urban planning, public policy and chemical and environmental engineering.

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