Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant (Richmond)

Charcoal in Richmond where @peechie and I has lunch recently. Sooooo good!There’s a number of people in my life who may or may not know the special role they play in my lives. One of them is my friend Jen Watkiss, who blogs at Worldwide Water Cooler. Jen’s mind is incredibly inquisitive, she is witty, smart, has a lovely personality, and she often keeps me on the “straight and narrow” by providing a devil’s advocate to my (sometimes rather strong and controversial) opinions. Having someone who can lovingly yet directly give you feedback about the way you think is a blessing. And I’m blessed to have Jen in my life, for the reasons above and many more. It had been too long since we hung out so I took Jen for lunch in Richmond, where she works.

You may remember I recently asked about restaurants in Richmond along the Canada Line (I don’t own a car, but I travel by transit everywhere). This was the reason. I wanted to find a restaurant where I could have lunch with Jen and that would be easily accessible. And I did. Thanks to all of you for suggesting Charcoal. It was GREAT.

For lunch, both Jen and I ordered a lunch special (Charcoal has several combos, but the one I ordered was vegetarian curry over steamed rice and a California roll, for $8.95). Absolutely reasonably priced, very flavourful and accompanied by a really nice Miso soup, I’ll say that I will definitely come back to Charcoal to have a chance to eat more of their varied fusion Japanese menu. I’m so glad Jen came and joined me for lunch, as I rarely venture outside of Vancouver.

Heck, sometimes I rarely venture outside of downtown Vancouver (hence why I asked about restaurants outside the downtown Vancouver core). I’ll have to organize a Tweetup expedition to one of those.

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Disclosure: I paid for our lunches out of my own pocket. As usual, I am neither obligated nor paid to do this review. I just wanted to let people know about a really nice Japanese restaurant in Richmond that where my friend and I enjoyed lunch.

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RoshanDecember 20th, 2010 at 6:27 pm

Looks like a nice place Raul. Got a weird name for a resturant – Charcoal! Lol, people might not know that’s a foodie place with that name but the menu matters.

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