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I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t feature a Travel Tuesday post. After all, a vast majority of my blog is dedicated to travel. And even though my academic life is keeping me crazy busy, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the little area that made my week the past week when I attended the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Congress (#Congress2012). If you check the hashtag, it’s still going strong. I think that there was a lot of good that came out from Congress 2012. But I digress…

While I and other 7,000 scholars were at Congress 2012, we were welcomed by the people of the twin cities Kitchener and Waterloo. Organizing a conference is A LOT OF HARD WORK (so kudos to the organizers of Congress 2012). But taking care of a mega conference like Congress 2012, “taking care” understood as providing lodging and accommodations, meals, drinks and entertainment, for over 7,000 scholars, is not a small feat. And while I didn’t have a chance to visit Kitchener, I think I speak for my fellow delegates in giving a thunderous round of applause to Waterloo and Kitchener, because if there’s something we felt was WELCOME.

This is Waterloo - #11

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I stayed within Waterloo primarily because I gave 4 talks in 3 days and chaired a session the 4th day, so I was completely exhausted and jet-lagged. Both host universities (Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo) are highly-reputed universities and within a few blocks from each other. The last day of the conference I had a chance to enjoy myself so I went down to Uptown Waterloo for a walk and a few drinks.

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Welcome to UpTown Waterloo, the urban heart of Waterloo. We are home to over 400 businesses offering a vibrant lifestyle that includes living, working and enjoying the exceptional services we have to offer. We boast critically acclaimed dining, exceptional and unique shopping experiences and cultural amenities that must be seen and in many cases, attended! UpTown Waterloo has the world renown Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canadian Clay and Glass Museum, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and The Balsillie School of International Affairs to name just a few. We invite you to enjoy all that UpTown Waterloo has to offer; shopping, dining, multiple services or a visit to Waterloo Public Square where there is always something exciting happening.

This is Waterloo - #14

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I really enjoyed walking down the streets of UpTown Waterloo. My long-time online friend (and now actually in-person friend, since we met at Congress) Melonie Fullick, a PhD candidate in Higher Education, organized a Tweetup at the Huether Hotel which was an absolute success. I got to meet fellow scholars and now friends in real life Dr. Lenore Newman, Katherine Burnett and Dr. Roger Keil, all with similar research interests of mine.

This is Waterloo - #1

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While walking down King Street I realized how much like some of the smaller, but vibrant cities, the Uptown Waterloo area is. It reminded me in some ways of downtown Montréal, and in some other ways, of downtown Victoria. Uptown Waterloo is a happening area, and if you are ever in these twins cities, I strongly recommend that you drop by. Heck, they even have a branch of my favorite Toronto lounge: The Embassy.

Thanks, Waterloo folks, for being the sweetest and nicest hosts to the hordes of academics who flew in and invaded your town. We salute you.

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MelanieJune 5th, 2012 at 11:16 am

Other than the Heuther, I’m not sure I’d recognise much there now!

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