Hapa Umi (Waterfront)

A few months ago, I was invited to a preview of the Hapa Umi menu. I never actually got around writing about it, but when my friend Tanya came to Vancouver for a whirlwind tour, I had an opportunity to go for lunch with her to Hapa Umi. As I mentioned on Twitter at the time, I was pretty unimpressed at how slow the service was. The food is excellent, don’t get me wrong. But considering that (a) it wasn’t packed and (b) it was a work weekday, I expected faster service.

We both ordered the same, a Bento Box (traditional Japanese lunch box. Includes choice of daily features, miso soup, rice, and a selection of Hapa Umi specialties, which at $19 IS on the high end of the price point scale for lunch any way you slice it). Admittedly, Hapa Umi’s portions are abundant and flavourful, and the delicacies they serve are well worth it, but it’s on the higher end of the scale (e.g. no cheap $6 sushi boxes).

Hapa Umi (Waterfront, Vancouver)

Hapa Umi (Waterfront, Vancouver)

Hapa Umi (Waterfront, Vancouver)

Hapa Umi (Waterfront, Vancouver)

I enjoyed the fact that the bento box had 2 levels which made the amount of food we ate a lot more substantial. My favorite dish was, without a doubt, the salmon skewers and the elbow pasta salad. Given that I’ve tried other Hapa’s, I’ll agree that Umi is the higher end brother in the family. Worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. My only complaint in addition to the service (which that day wasn’t stellar) is the lighting – horrible for my indoor photos.

Disclosure: I paid for my lunch on my own dime.

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