All India Restaurant (Davie St, West End)

All India Restaurant (Davie St)While Ethiopian food is usually my comfort food, cold autumn/winter nights always remind me of how much I love Indian food. With its delicious variety of dishes (both vegetarian and meat-based), hot rice, amazing aromas, and delicious textures, I figured it was high time we had Indian food again for dinner (JT and I usually eat sushi or Italian, or Ethiopian. I know, not very varied). So to All India Restaurant we went.

We ordered a salad to start (in my case it was a chicken salad that I did not realize would taste like a prawn/shrimp cocktail). Pretty abundant, extremely well cooked and fresh, marinated, with only white chicken meat (which really is the only one I eat, the breast), I could not finish my salad, but it was delicious. Could have been eaten for dinner or a solid lunch ($11.00 price point).

All India Restaurant (Davie St)

My dinner was a butter chicken that was out of this world. While not colored the same way I am used to (very creative use of saffron here), it was glorious. Not too spicy to the palate and very filling. We had to order rice and naan on the side, but it was reasonably priced.

All India Restaurant (Davie St)

JT’s dinner looked like lamb shish kabab ($11.95, minced lamb marinated in garlic, onion, ginger, yoghurt and backed) but I’m mildly afraid of mischaracterizing his dinner. It was delicious, that I can tell you.

All India Restaurant (Davie St)

Overall, a very nice discovery. I did not realize I liked All India Restaurant this much. Compared to other Indian restaurants, the service here is good (although it was not as fast as in other restaurants, the presentation and flavour of the dishes we were served were bar-none). I’d definitely come back.

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Disclosure: JT paid for both of our meals on his own dime.

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JeanNovember 14th, 2011 at 11:08 pm

I want to taste that salad so bad. It looks great at such a low price. I wish there are local restaurants like that in here. If only i am not bad at cooking, i might be able to make one of those.

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