The Laughing Oyster (Okeover Arm, Powell River, Sunshine Coast) #scac2011

The Laughing Oyster (Powell River, BC)What could be more fun than dinner with three lovely ladies (Andrea, Andrea and Robyn)? Well, finding a restaurant that has amazing food and that you had never heard about. Yes, The Laughing Oyster is an absolute gem that everybody should know about. Located at Okeover Arm (in Powell River, on the lovely Sunshine Coast), the Laughing Oyster was our dinner stop after a busy second day.

We had dinner at The Laughing Oyster during the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011, and I’m really glad that we did.

There are very few places where you can enjoy seafood in a setting as beautiful as at Laughing Oyster Restaurant in Okeover Arm. Located at the very northern end of the Sunshine Coast, our establishment provides the very best in relaxed, fine dining with an exuisite menu designed by executive chef, David Bowes. A beautiful view of Okeover Inlet nestled among the edge of the Coast Mountain range is the back drop to your visit at the Laughing Oyster.

My mistake was to start with a salad, because I really did not know that I was in for a treat for dinner. The salad was delicious, but really abundant and thus I had a really hard time finishing off my actual meal.

The Laughing Oyster (Powell River, BC)

I requested a variation on the following dish substituting the halibut for salmon. Amazing, flavourful and overwhelmingly delicious. I *had* to finish it ALL. And for the price point ($26) it wasn’t really all that expensive.

Thai Pineapple, Halibut & Prawns, three ounce halibut, five jumbo prawns, not too spicy

The Laughing Oyster (Powell River, BC)

How can I explain a salmon covered in curry spices and tiger prawns on a bed of delicious, organic, local vegetables and rice? How can I describe and properly pay homage to a delicious concoction of flavour and exquisite visual design. I’m not sure my photos give enough credit, but seriously, I can tell you that this dish ranks right up on the list of some of my best meals.

The Laughing Oyster (Powell River, BC)

And yes, I did have dessert. Boy, did I ever have dessert!

Visually extremely appealing (and really pleasant to the eyes, despite the fact that the lighting didn’t really help my photos), The Laughing Oyster is one of those places where you really need to bring someone you love for dinner.

The Laughing Oyster (Powell River, BC)

I definitely will bring my loved ones for dinner to the Laughing Oyster. It’s totally worth the trip up to Powell River, particularly if you’re already up in the Sunshine Coast doing some crawling. Can’t wait to come up again!

Disclosure: Our dinner was courtesy of our hosts. I participated on the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011 as part of a media trip. My accommodations and transportation are compliments of our hosts and the tourism agencies in charge. I paid for a few miscellaneous expenses associated with this trip, specifically incidentals and my own shopping etc. You can follow along my adventures on the Sunshine Coast through this tag.

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DilaraNovember 10th, 2011 at 12:19 pm

That salmon & prawn dish is making me drool!

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