Biercraft (Cambie Street)

While I’m totally happy that there are many businesses flourishing on Cambie Street (apparently, Biercraft being one of them), I’m not that happy when the establishment has really expensive beer. Maybe because (a) I’m not a beer drinker (b) I’m not a beer snob and (c) I am there just primarily for the food. And while the strawberry beer (Fruli) was pretty good, I’m totally flabbergasted at $7.50 for ONE beer. Regardless of whether it’s a specialty beer or not.

Biercraft (Cambie Street)

The decor at Biercraft is pretty good. Actually I came here once with Susie Gardner to have a beer, but wasn’t impressed with their drinks assortment. This time I had brunch with Cisco Grajales III and we had a pretty enjoyable brunch, although again, I’m not totally impressed with brunch places where they don’t have my usual staples (hot sauce that isn’t Tabasco, etc.) – but that’s totally my own bias.

Biercraft (Cambie Street)

I ordered a Biercraft brunch (scrambled eggs, potatoes and toast, $9.50). Since they didn’t have hot sauce that wasn’t Tabasco, I had to order a side order of salsa (which, while generous, I was still charged with). And then I got overcharged with one more pop than I ordered (while the server swiftly reimbursed me, I was less than impressed). I can’t fault her as she was incredibly sweet, but the beer being so expensive and the fact that I had to pay for something I usually get free other places (a hot sauce that I like) sort of tarnished my experience. I have had better brunch at The Nice Café for half the price. My scrambled eggs were fluffy and well done, but the potatoes were hard to chew and without much flavour, although I will admit the rye bread was pretty nice.

Biercraft (Cambie Street)Overall, I’m glad Biercraft is doing well, I’m glad we have a good place for an extensive selection of specialty beers and decent food, but for what I ordered, I can easily name 5 places on Main Street that are (a) closer to me and (b) less expensive than Biercraft. Visited, checked it out, tried it out, not coming back unless it’s for beers with my friends. And hanging out with Cisco made it all worth it.

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Disclosure: I paid for my brunch ($27) on my own dime.

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LisaSeptember 5th, 2011 at 11:17 am

I went to Biercraft on Commercial and had a great deal – a sleeve of beer and moules frites for $10! It was amazingly good.

Robert WardellSeptember 5th, 2011 at 7:19 pm

I find Biercraft great value for beer. The prices here are cheaper than the UK and food is what I would expect to pay.

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