Rasoee (UBC)

Indian food is second to Ethiopian food as my comfort food. And the great thing about UBC is that you can have at least 2 or 3 Indian food outlets. One of the most recent ones, Rasoee, has been creating a lot of buzz for their curry wraps.

Rasoee (UBC)

I was invited to Rasoee’s media launch a couple of months ago but was unable to make it so I made a point to come and eat there myself. I ordered a mango lassi ($2.95, absolutely delicious) and a chicken curry with rice ($7.99). Overall, I loved the curry with rice as it was spicy and comforting, and it had LOTS of pieces of chicken (which is great).

Overall, it’s good comforting Indian food (slightly on the high price for UBC students, I think) and I would definitely come back again.
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ScottApril 27th, 2011 at 9:13 am

I eat here sometimes, however the portions are of butter chicken are very random (usually on the side of underselling). One day my better half, Crystal, was picking up an order and she noted that the last time we were there it we had received a fairly small portion. Then it all began. A guy in the back was eavesdropping in on what Crystal had said to the girl serving her, and he came out and shouted at her that each portion was 8oz of rice and 8oz of chicken for a total of 16oz, “that’s a whole pound of food, what more do you want” he exclaimed at her. “Really?” she slyly said “Lets put it on your scale then.” “We don’t use a scale, we fill the dish” he replied. Then he shooed the serving girl out of the way and filled Crystal’s dish to the top (the only time I have ever seen a full dish from Rasoee). We still buy from there every now and then as the food is fairly good (butter chicken sauce is great but the chicken is often just shredded random brown meat), but if you are looking for a little extra spice be sure to ask for a full dish and stand back to enjoy the fireworks. And yes the price is too high as well ;)

RaulApril 28th, 2011 at 9:29 am

Sometimes I find the price is on this side of high, as I mentioned on the post, but the truth is, I think the cheapest would be a wrap, rather than the food. And it’s lovely food!

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