Miko Sushi (Robson Street, West End)

I had never heard of Miko Sushi (on Robson Street, right besides Don Guacamole), but as it turns out, my good friend Rebecca Bollwitt (whom I took there to celebrate her birthday early) has been there, and she enjoyed the idea of having sushi.

You may (or may not) know this, but back in the day Rebecca and I used to do lunch almost every Friday in 2008 and part of 2009, so it was nice to go back to our tradition (and to celebrate her birthday a couple of days earlier, as she took me for brunch to Twisted Fork Bistro a few months ago for mine).

Miko Sushi (Robson Street, West End)

We just ordered a traditional sushi box for each one of us ($11) with 4 pieces of nigiri sushi, salad, a couple of small sushi rolls (California and salmon), tempura and a couple of skewers. Overall, really filling (Rebecca couldn’t even finish her own!) and very, very tasty sushi. If we were in a quest for best sushi, Miko Sushi would definitely be in the running (although I definitely love my Momo Sushi).

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Disclosure: I paid for both Rebecca and my dinner on my own dime.

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