Richmond Centre (Richmond Brighouse Canada Line Station)

#Richmond Centre - do they have Twitter? There are few things I love more than shopping. I know. I’m a rampant consumerist. An ethical and green consumerist too, because I am a champion of zero waste and recycling/reducing/reusing. Being a specialist in waste management and the politics of environmental policy means that my own behaviour is under scrutiny. And I’ll be fully honest: I do love buying myself stuff, which I am 100% sure will end up at some point in a vintage/recycling facility. I’m a fan of retail therapy. Given my very tight budget constraints, spoiling others usually has taken precedence over the idea of spoiling myself.

But in 2010, I promised myself it was going to be a year where I focused on my own growth, and in 2011 I am promising to take better care of myself and be my own priority. So I figured the best way to do that was to buy myself something nice for the 2011 year. I needed a new wardrobe because I felt that my undergraduate students had seen most if not all of my fashionable attire. And therefore I went to Richmond Centre and did a quick shopping trip. I think you’ll like what I acquired (in terms of my new clothes).

Richmond Centre is very well conveniently located at the end of the Canada Line (Richmond-Brighouse). To cross from Vancouver you will need an AddFare to your regular fare, as crossing from Vancouver to Richmond is considered two zones. But it’s great to have such a great shopping mall within scarce 25 minutes from downtown!

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Chris (@lyteforce)December 28th, 2010 at 2:17 pm

The next time you find your way out to Richmond, let me know – the coffee’s (or other suitable beverage) on me!
Chris (@lyteforce) recently posted..Lyte1k &amp Starbucks Giveaway

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