Building an Online Community with WordPress (aka Blogging 101)

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This past month I gave a talk around how to build an online community with WordPress at WordCamp Fraser Valley 2010. This is a topic I am quite interested in, so I organized a follow up Vancouver Blogger Meetup on How to Build an Online Community Through Blogging, where 3 local blogging superstars (and all dear friends of mine, Rebecca Bollwitt, Arieanna Schweber and Robert Ballantyne).

Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us!

Normally, I would post my slides on SlideShare, but this time, I think all I’m going to do is post my 20 tips on how to build an online community through blogging on WordPress. Hope they are valuable to my readers.

0. Say thanks. Always.
1. Write your blog in WordPress.
2. Never forget to put the social in social media.
3. Write with pretty visuals.
4. Tell a good story.
5. Link, attribute and thank people.
6. Respond to comments on the blog.
7. Rise above the trolls.
8. Stop worrying about your stats.
9. Meet other bloggers in real life.
10. Cross-link your content through your social platforms.
11. Promote other’s stuff just as much as you do yours.
12. Write for you, before you write for others.
13. Spell-check and good grammar are your friends.
14. Optimize your blog for mobile reading.
15. Re-blog with a purpose.
16. Encourage your readers to stay in your blog and read other posts.
17. Write often, and write well.
18. Remember that content is king.
19. Maximize your use of the minimal number of WordPress plugins.
20. Go self-hosted.

And a key one that I just remembered: Your blog should be your home base. Don’t ever direct people to Facebook. You should have a website or blog, and all of your directionality should point out to the blog.

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Chris (@lyteforce)December 10th, 2010 at 2:20 pm

Awesome set of tips Raul. I just wish I could figure out:

8. As I indicated on my own site, I’m still an attention hog and can’t seem to shake the need to know that I’m noticed.

9. Do Canucks tweetups help? I’m actually quite shy – the online world lets me act like I want to be, but I’m still very quiet in real life.

17. The largest issue – my brain is far too scattered. Even when I think I might have a great idea, I lack the focus to get it out.

Just some areas to work on personally I guess.
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CrystalMarch 14th, 2011 at 5:28 pm

Excellent list. Very helpful!

Your statement, “Your blog should be your home base. Don’t ever direct people to Facebook. You should have a website or blog, and all of your directionality should point out to the blog.” rings especially true… I think people spend so much time trying to make themselves known on social media sites and other online communities, that their attention to their blog falls to wayside.

I, myself, am guilty of that as well, but am working to get better. Good job. Keep up the great work!

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