Envy by Gucci for Men (cologne review)

gucci-envymenEnvy by Gucci for Men is perhaps one of those “I would not believe this is a fragrance you would use, Raul” scents. With a top note of cardamom, a middle note of patchouli and a base note of cedar wood, Envy for Men feels sometimes a bit too floral for me, until it hits the base notes (woody, reminiscent a bit of forests). The middle notes are particularly floral (you can perceive a bit of rose and jasmine), and from my experience, the base and middle notes can smell particularly good on a rainy day (fresh smells coming out).

That’s probably why I have chosen to use it on days I teach – it’s an elegant scent (perhaps suited more for an evening outing), and it’s well fit for a Vancouver rainy day. Envy by Gucci for Men usually retails at $60 for the Canadian market, plus taxes (50 ml bottle).

Disclosure: Every single bottle of Envy by Gucci for Men I have I’ve bought it myself. I just enjoy writing cologne reviews and share my view points with my readers.

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Yukari PeerlessOctober 25th, 2010 at 12:09 pm

I think I commented on how nice you smell the night of the Social Media Camp opening party. :) Enjoyed this post. Thanks.
Yukari Peerless recently posted..She only meant well

patrickNovember 4th, 2010 at 8:50 pm

looking to find some to buy for christmas stores here do not seem to be carriy it…if anyone know wher i can find it…

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