Habit Lounge (Main Street, Mount Pleasant)

My good friends K and L invited me for brunch to Habit Lounge for a post-birthday celebration, and I’m glad we chose this particular restaurant. I had eaten at The Cascade before (both restaurants are owned by the same folks) but I had never had a chance to try the food at Habit Lounge (despite living in the area).

I ordered a 3 egg omelette with chorizo, mushrooms, spinach and tomato ($10). This particular dish on their menu brings goat cheese, but since I hate cheese, they kindly removed it. When my food arrived to the table I thought my omelette looked smaller than my friends’ dishes (who had ordered just scrambled eggs), but overall, it was really tasty and I almost couldn’t finish it all.

I will have to come back to Habit for dinner, though I will admit I was a tiny bit surprised a family brought their little kid and the staff were incredibly kind to them. I have seen a dearth of restaurants in this city who cater to families who go out for brunch (I struggled to find a place where to take my friends with kids that would not be Little Nest yet again).

Definitely will do a return trip to Habit Lounge for dinner and/or drinks. Worth the trip. And the staff and service were really good.

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