Les Faux Burgeois (Dickens, Mount Pleasant)

Having spent so much time in Paris, it’s no surprise that I am a fan of French cuisine. I have previously written about a few of the French restaurants I’ve tried in Vancouver (including Jules Bistro in Gastown and Bistrot Bistro in Kitsilano). Despite having lived a little less than 3 minutes away from Les Faux Burgeois in the Mount Pleasant area (more properly, Dickens), I had never set foot there. Until this week.

Les Faux Burgeois My recommendation first of all is to arrive early. We arrived at 5:45pm and the place was full for reservations (empty at the time, but all reservations showed up within 10 minutes). I am not kidding. We sat at the bar, where we were very promptly served. I started with their version of the Niçoise salad, the Fausse Niçoise classic with seared albacore tuna ($11).

Les Faux Burgeois For dinner I ordered Toulouse et Purée, a pair of Toulouse sausages with mash potatoes and fig compote. It was really good, but very rich, so I couldn’t finish it all. I have to admit I didn’t have any problem with the food, it was really tasty, but I wasn’t all that horribly hungry. While my dinner options had fish and pork, you can easily have dinner at Les Faux Burgeois being a vegetarian.

A vegan perhaps couldn’t make it, but they do have a few vegetarian dishes. After dinner, when asked whether Les Faux Burgeois had lived to all the hypes I had given it, I realized – I love the place, amazing food, good prices, relaxed atmosphere and very prompt and courteous service. But I didn’t like the music. It didn’t feel French at all. Maybe that’s why it’s Faux Burgeois instead of real ones?

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harrietglynnJune 17th, 2010 at 1:43 pm

Love Les Faux. Very unpretentious, reasonably priced and in my hood!

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