On the value of a taxi cab

taxi cabI am, under no circumstances, out of my crushing student debt. I am always careful with my money and I try to stay within the tight budget I have for my month-to-month expenses. However, there is one thing that I learned when I was doing my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) that just stayed with me: the goods are to remedy the bads (that’s a Spanish phrase, “los bienes son para remediar los males“).

What that phrase means is, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And taking a taxi cab is one of those things. A few weeks ago, the night that I had to speak at The PR Group on relationships with bloggers and traditional media, I was running late. I wasn’t feeling well, had been ill all week, and I didn’t want to cancel on Sara Pereira’s event. So what did I do? I took a cab. It was certainly $ 15 dollars, and probably I went over my budget for transportation that week by THIS much.

But I arrived warm and dry, ready to sit around a round table of very smart PR people. I decided that my health (I was feeling very sick) was worth much more than $ 15 that the cab cost me. I decided that it was too rainy and cold to take the bus. Those are the kinds of decisions that sometimes one has to do. You know, by one I mean, those of us who don’t own a car and use public transit and/or bike/walk everywhere (I do walk everywhere and use public transit).

This may not be a super crucial topic to blog about, but these situations have reminded me about the value of a taxi ride. Sometimes, I just take a cab to be somewhere fast. My currency is my time, and it’s too valuable to waste it sometimes in a 45 minute bus ride, or a 1.5 hour walk.

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