Happy birthday Derek K. Miller! (@penmachine)

Derek(Photo credit: Penmachine on Flickr). I remember a time when I started reading blogs (around early 2006) that I had read some advice on how to write from a guy who nicknamed himself Penmachine. He was, by all measures, an excellent writer and definitely knew what he was talking about. I started exploring his blog and found the many facets that comprise Derek K. Miller, now a good friend of mine. He’s a writer, a musician, a blogger, a podcaster, a geek, a father, a husband and overall, a fantastic human being. Derek is about ten times geekier than I am yet he has always been very patient when I ask even the dumbest questions… “hey Derek, how the heck do I separate the sound from the video on a PC?”. Derek’s podcast interview with Nora Young from Spark (CBC) is one of the best I’ve heard (on the concept of a digital legacy). Derek has even been kind enough to guest-blog on my site for Blogathon 2008, and I have high hopes that he’ll accept writing a guest blog for my 2009 Blogathon, which again will be for the BC Cancer Foundation. I had the pleasure of attending the BBQ that he and Air organized this past Saturday, and it was a great opportunity too because not only did I get to celebrate Derek’s birthday with his family, and many of our common friends from the Vancouver tech community, but we also got to do taste some tequila. Here’s to your 40th, Derek! Looking forward to more good times in the future!

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Derek K. MillerJune 30th, 2009 at 9:09 am

Thanks Raul. Most people are bit melancholy to reach 40, but after two and a half years of cancer treatment, I am extremely glad to have made it!

Derek K. Miller’s last blog post..Tweets 2006-06-21 to 2006-06-27

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