Cabin 12 (Victoria, British Columbia)

Chris Parsons and I had been corresponding on Twitter for a while now. He is currently doing his PhD in Political Science at the University of Victoria under Colin Bennett (whose work on policy convergence and policy emulation I have both admired and used in my own research). BrunchChris missed my talk for the Social Media Club Victoria, but we agreed to meet up for breakfast when he came back into town.

We did that recently, and Greg and Pat Aspa joined us for breakfast at a place that just has been opened for about a month and a half, Cabin 12. The decor of this cafe/restaurant is rather eclectic (as you will be able to witness from Greg’s excellent photos) but we weren’t disappointed by the food. (NOTE – the photo to the right is NOT from our brunch at Cabin 12, it’s just a photo of one of my preferred brunch items, scrambled eggs).

I ordered a traditional scrambled eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and multigrain toast (it’s hard to screw up this kind of brunch food, quite frankly). The food was actually quite good, filling and tasty. They even added some grapes and a slice of orange for garnish. Overall, I would come back here for brunch if I was in downtown Victoria (this restaurant/cafe is located on Pandora Street, relatively near the water).

The partner of the owner was telling us that they host fundraisers and independent music events (even jamming sessions) so I’ll have to come back to Victoria and have a chance to enjoy it to its fullest. Greg and Pat were telling me that they noticed the modem and wireless router so I’m going to assume that Cabin 12 offers free wireless.

Overall, while the food was good, the ambiance was nice, it was spending time with Greg, Pat and Chris what made it all worth it. I look forward to coming back to Victoria and maybe doing an evening music session here at Cabin 12.

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JanineAnnTNovember 20th, 2010 at 10:38 pm

Thanks for all of your honest blogs about some of my faves in yyj. I also appreciate your social media savvy and my understanding of your incorporation of SM into your instruction as well as your life. It is an ever changing world, at this time more quickly than ever. Or, maybe the world isn’t changing so much as we are able to share and describe it in a manner more rapid and cohesive than ever before?

I babble, apologies, I also tend to stray off topic, not to think before I speak and am easily excited. (probably not the best qualities for a relative noob really enjoying learning about, and the people involved in, the SM realm!) I just wanted to let you know that the first time I went to Cabin 12 was because the place I was going to was closed and on my way to meet my friends @Cabin12Victoria had tweeted their brunch special – food-service & atmosphere were delightful, we were all satisfied. Noting the kid friendly environment and the mini stage, partnered with their appearance in my Twitter feed, I approached them with a phone call about hosting a Tweetup for a cause. From ‘hello ‘I was greeted with sincerity and warmth and they have unhesitatingly offered to host and sponsor part of the event…how cool is that? The power of community is amazing!

Thanks again, I enjoy your work!
JanineAnnT recently posted..yyj Twamper Wish List

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