The Narrow Artist Lounge (Main Street, Mount Pleasant)

It’s become a bit of a tradition for Lorraine and I to walk back from downtown to close to my place whenever we have an event that we both attend. We both love walking with friends and it’s a good exercise. Recently, we stopped for a drink at The Narrow on 3rd Avenue and Main Street, in the lower part of Mount Pleasant. I had heard about The Narrow from Shallom, Terri and Victoria, so I figured we should’ve checked it out.

In their own words, The Narrow is “dark and moody but still with a sense of fun”. It’s a really neat concept, with wonderful art and a very skillful bartender. I would probably come back for a night out in the town, and it was a nice ambiance and atmosphere for what both Lorraine and I wanted, which was only have one drink and go on our way.

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