Vancouver bloggers – building a community?

I’ve had these discussions on community-building over, and over, and over… (“do you feel part of a community?” is a question I often ask, and I am often posed this question). Throughout the Blogathon, I’ve actually felt part of an online community (those of us who are blogging for charities, being a small sub-community, and we the three Vancouver representatives are like the mini-mini-community). I’ve felt supported throughout the endeavour not only by my close friends (who are probably reading all the stuff I’ve posted) but also by the Blogathon community (very special thanks to Miss604, who in the end was the one who convinced me to join the Blogathon, has linked to me and who has kept the comments flowing).

I have kept a very low profile with my blog, and I’m even blogging sort-of-anonymously, but I wonder if down the road, I might join the community of Vancouver bloggers. I read some of them quite religiously, and I guess this effort will help me gain some additional readership. Perhaps then I’ll feel as though I am part of a Vancouver-blogger community.

Because nobody living with AIDS should live with hunger” (A Loving Spoonful), please consider donating.

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