My 8th blogiversary was this week. And I’m back…

Most of you who know “the other me” (e.g., the me who has a professional life outside of that of being a lifestyle and travel blogger) will probably not be surprised that I stopped blogging almost a year ago. There were many reasons for that. I am busy like crazy writing non-lifestyle blog content, and my professional career has taken off in ways I did not expect. I’m blossoming. I never missed my travel and lifestyle blog.

Yet, whenever (and this happens rarely) I check my Twitter feed, by chance I come across bloggers’ non-ethical practices. Amongst these, a lack of disclosure of their financial connections, aka not disclosing when they get freebies. This disgusts me.

How's My Blogging?

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So I decided to stage a comeback. Not because I need more PR pitches (God knows I still receive hundreds of pitches a day and I still dump them in the trash bin), but because my travel and lifestyle blog was also my personal blog, one where I mused about stuff I was thinking, one where I wrote about my international travels, and one where I would talk about the stuff I have enjoyed for others to peruse. So, while it won’t be the same type of “travel, food, drinks and lifestyle magazine” blog that it used to be, I will be writing here about my travels, the food I’m eating, the restaurants I’m visiting, the things I am doing, on my own time, and on my own terms.

And thus, on the week of my 8th blogiversary, I’ve decided that I’m back.

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Chris (@lyteforce)April 27th, 2014 at 7:10 am

Welcome back Raul! So glad I still had you in my RSS feed otherwise I would’ve missed you.
Chris (@lyteforce) recently posted..Zero to Hero – A Fan’s Pain

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