Happy birthday, Canada! (my second Canada Day as an expatriate)

On July 1st, Canada celebrates another birthday, and I will be celebrating my first full year in Mexico, and for the second year in a row, I will be away from Canada on Canada Day.

Canada Day at Canada Place (July 1st, 2011)

Usually, on Canada Day, I would spend most of the day with Minna, or with other Canadian friends of mine. Other years I’ve done the Canada Day at Canada Place programme, as I’ve been invited as one of their blogger partners.

Raul and his two two Canadian flag tatoosOf course I miss Canada. I miss it terribly. It was my home country for more than 16 years, on and off. I fell in love with Canada, I fell in love IN Canada, I had two Canadian-born partners, I did one of my Masters, and my PhD in Canada. I was a faculty member in one of Canada’s top universities, and I taught hundreds of amazingly bright Canadian students. I blossomed as a person, a social media darling, and I do owe Canada a big debt. Canada and Canadians taught me about following the rules, about privacy, about doing things “by the book”. Some of my best friends are, and will always be, Canadian. And I will always be a Canadian too.

This week I have been receiving many great news, all of which have happened ever since I moved away from Canada. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel enormous gratitude for Canada. It’s been my home, my country, and I’ve loved more Canadian people than I have any other country’s population in the world. I’m proud to be Canadian, I’m proud to have represented Canada in the occasions I’ve done so. And yes, Vancouver is and will always be home for me.

But right now I’m in a different place, in a different space and I have a completely different outlook on life. I’ve moved on, and while Canada will always have a special place in my heart, I am now looking forward to the changes in my life. And I’ll always be a son of Canada, no matter what.

On July 1st, I too will be celebrating Canada Day. Happy birthday, my beloved country, Canada, eh?

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