Twitter is unfit to be an actual emergency and crisis communication platform

If you’ve been following the news, Calgary and several parts of Southern Alberta, in Canada are getting flooded. My brother and his family live in Calgary, I have lots of friends and family there, and I’ve got hundreds of followers who live in Calgary. So even though I’m in Mexico, thousands of miles away from Calgary, I decided to help spread the word about what was going on, and to retweet offers for help, and information about the flood via the hashtags #yychelps #yycflood and #abflood

calgary flood twitter jail

I complained earlier that Twitter put the Calgary Police Twitter account in #TwitterJail, and low and behold, it happened to me too. Something I find completely stupid. I have a pretty sizable followership (10,800 followers), my blog and Twitter are widely read in Canada, in Alberta and Calgary. You would think Twitter would be able to discern that the reason why I am tweeting and retweeting so much stuff with the #yychelps hashtag is because, you know, I’M TRYING TO HELP.

So now I’m completely useless to a series of communities that I really want to help, simply because Twitter and their stupid algorithms to put people in Twitter Jail. I. Am. Floored. Read my friend Gillian Shaw’s blog post (Gillian blogs and writes on Digital Life as the Vancouver Sun Tech Reporter) on Twitter and the Calgary Police case.

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