Savoy Suites Hotel (Georgetown, Washington DC)

Savoy Suites Hotel (Georgetown)While I had travelled to Washington DC several times before, I had never really made my own travel arrangements. Usually, I travel with a group of people (mostly for work) and therefore I was not really sure of which way my hotels were chosen. This time, I needed to make my own travel arrangements and hotels in Washington DC are incredibly expensive. So I am lucky to have found the Savoy Suites Hotel, in the Georgetown area of Washington DC (and relatively near to the location of where I was going). The Savoy Suites Hotel was also near by and the taxi cab ride was relatively inexpensive (less than $8 per trip).

Experience breathtaking country views of Washington DC when you select our charming DC hotel near Georgetown. Savoy Suites Hotel is just moments from Georgetown and offers stunning views of the Washington Monument, the U.S. Capitol building and Potomac River.

Access is everything in Washington and from this vantage point all of DC is at your feet! With an ideal hotel location near Georgetown and close to several of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods including Embassy Row, Cathedral Heights and Chevy Chase, Savoy Suites Hotel is also convenient to DC’s prominent business districts and Capitol Hill. Explore our Glover Park neighborhood and you are sure to stumble upon the National Cathedral, Georgetown University, American University and the National Zoo, along with the premier homes of the world’s leaders such as the Vice President and Embassy officials!

Savoy Suites Hotel (Washington DC, Georgetown)

I requested a single-bed room, but the room size was spectacularly big for what I expected (and not all that expensive at $149 USD per night). It had a full kitchenette with fridge, hot plate and microwave.

Savoy Suites Hotel (Washington DC, Georgetown)

This hotel is definitely suited to longer stays (and I spent almost a week in Washington DC, so I needed to have access to cooking facilities (particularly because Washington DC is so incredibly expensive). Being within the Georgetown neighbourhood also facilitated my life.

Savoy Suites Hotel (Washington DC, Georgetown)

Savoy Suites Hotel (Washington DC, Georgetown)

Savoy Suites Hotel (Washington DC, Georgetown)

In many ways, the Savoy Suites Hotel reminded me of the Magnolia Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Both are boutique hotels with excellent customer service and fantastic rooms. I will definitely stay again at the Savoy Suites Hotel. I did obtain a discount (20% if you book 2 nights) but they offer those discounts to every single customer, so I did not receive any special treatment.

Disclosure: I paid for my hotel room on my own dime. I wasn’t paid to write this review, nor was I required to do so either as I have no financial connection to the Savoy Suites Hotel. The purpose of this blog entry is just to describe my experience at the hotel. In any review I write or publish on my site, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions/concern feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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