Flying with Delta Airlines

While I did a lot of travelling with Delta Airlines when I was a graduate student, I hadn’t taken any of their flights in a while. I recently travelled to Washington DC in the United States and I needed a really good flight. I can’t praise Delta Airlines enough. I found some improvements over what other airlines I have taken quite substantial. They may be minor to other people, but to me they were pretty solid.

Delta Airlines

First off, I found the seats much more ample than in other airlines. Secondly, the drink sizes are MUCH larger. Thirdly, while we did not have full meals, the snacks were much healthier and nicer than in other airlines. And fourthly, but very importantly, the flight lengths were just about right. To get to Washington DC from Mexico City I flew less than 3 hours per leg (Mexico City International Airport (Benito Juarez)-Hartsfield-Harrison Atlanta Atlanta International Airport and then Atlanta-Washington Reagan National).

The flight was affordable for high-season standards (less than $500 USD). My only complaint was that the online wifi was not working on the way to Washington DC, but I could make it work on the way back. Overall, I was pleased with Delta Airlines and would probably fly with them again.

Disclosure: I paid for my flight to Washington DC via Delta Airlines on my own dime. I have no financial stake nor interest on Delta Airlines, I just wanted to share my experience of flying with them.

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