Los Arcos Restaurant (Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes)

While having seafood really makes me miss Vancouver, I can’t praise Los Arcos Restaurant enough, and it is a restaurant I am going to recommend thoroughly (it also happens to be conveniently located 1 minute and 30 seconds drive from my house, in Aguascalientes). One of the most recent branches of the Los Arcos Restaurant chain (there’s one in San Diego, in the US, and several in Mexico), this is a fantastic place for seafood.

Dia del Maestro lunch at Los Arcos

Not expensive (any dish is anywhere between $90 pesos and $170 pesos, close to $9-17 USD), and really abundant, I went there with my colleagues for lunch to celebrate our day. I ordered a couple of Tacos Bonita (soft flour tortillas filled with spicy shrimp cut in pieces, $30 pesos), and a Salmon a la Diabla (which was $170 pesos, and amazing if I may say so myself).

Dia del Maestro lunch at Los Arcos (CIDE Region Centro, Aguascalientes)

Oh, and who can discount the most excellent tamarind Margaritas ($50 pesos)?

Dia del Maestro lunch at Los Arcos

The decor is cute, with a Mexican coastal flavour, and there’s plenty of space of kids.

Dia del Maestro lunch at Los Arcos

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend it and come back again. And desserts were just as amazing. The service? Top notch.

Dia del Maestro lunch at Los Arcos

Disclosure: My institution treated us to lunch. As always I retain full editorial control over anything I post on my blog.

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