Remembering @Penmachine Derek K. Miller on the anniversary of his passing

May 3rd marks both a joyous day (my brother’s day) and a really sad one (my dear friend Derek K. Miller’s passing). As regular readers of my blog will know, Derek blogged for 4 years about his stage 4 metastatic cancer. Derek’s Last Post went viral with over 16 million hits in less than a week. Derek’s wife Airdrie is one of my best friends (and she recently came to visit me in Aguascalientes). Thinking of Derek always gives me happy thoughts and I miss him terribly. Derek, missing you today. Air, L, M, Hilkka and Karl, I’m thinking of you today too. Much love always.

Best of 604-097

Me, Derek and Airdrie at the Best of 604 Awards

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Michelle ClausiusMay 3rd, 2013 at 10:27 am

Hearts to you Raul.

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