Mamatango (Aguascalientes)

Mamatango (Altaria, Aguascalientes)Normally, I wouldn’t even dare to eat Argentinian food that wasn’t at El Rincón Gaucho, a restaurant in the city where my parents live, but a friend of mine wanted to meet me for lunch and the closest restaurant to my house was Mamatango, an Argentinian restaurant, so we went there. I had already been to Mamatango when a colleague of ours left and we were bidding him farewell.

Generally speaking, I love the food, and while it’s on the higher end of the scale in terms of pricing, it’s not unaffordable (probably $150-$200 Mexican pesos per entree). This time I played it safe and had a pasta Diavolo Duo, fetuccine with shrimp and salmon, and a touch of pomodoro sauce.

Mamatango (Altaria, Aguascalientes)

Mamatango (Altaria, Aguascalientes)

The restaurant is very spacious and the service is very solid, although it took them a really long time to bring us the bill. It also has a separate room for when you have a larger group, although it’s not very private as it is like a fishbowl, everyone can see into the room (it has glass all over). Mamatango also has a small area for children to play in.

Mamatango (Altaria, Aguascalientes)

Overall, I would definitely come back to Mamatango, whenever I have a lunch that is more or less official or when I have to treat a friend to a nice lunch.

Disclosure: My friend treated the both of us to lunch and he paid on his own dime. As always I retain full editorial control over anything I post on my blog.

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