Los Bagels Cafe y Restaurante (Aguascalientes)

Los Bagels (Bosques, Aguascalientes)

You’d probably be right to think “why would Raul decide to eat bagels if he’s pretty much unable to chew because of his braces?“. Yeah, you were right. And I wasn’t thinking straight. The mere thought of eating a bagel the way I used to do in Vancouver just got the best of me. And the fact that this lovely “New American” restaurant, Los Bagels, is located very near to my house (a 2-3 minutes drive).

Los Bagels (Bosques, Aguascalientes)

So yeah, I ordered a bagel and I proceeded to destroy it. But at least I took pretty pictures of it! Pretty inexpensive (maybe on the higher end of pricing for a Mexican place, about $55 pesos), and filled with delicious chicken, I was thrilled to find out that, had I not had braces, Los Bagels would be my new favorite place for lunch. The bagel was cooked to perfection, the chicken was well seasoned, and it was an abundant portion.

Los Bagels (Bosques, Aguascalientes)

Overall, a lovely place. I will have to come back in well, about a couple of years when I get the braces off.

Disclosure:As always, I paid my dinner off of my own pocket. I did not get any special treatment nor any freebies

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