Braces are my new reality. And a demonstration of self-care.

El Cristo Roto (San Jose de Gracia, Aguascalientes)If you follow me on Twitter, or are my friend on Facebook, you probably know that I got braces installed in December of 2012. Yeah. At this age, I decided to get teeth surgery (I had the four wisdom teeth removed at the same time, and thus needed endodonthics). I also got braces (and no, I didn’t get Invisalign. I got the full metal deal!). And like with anything new, I share how I feel with the world. Not always painless, let me tell you.

So why do I make such a big deal of having braces? After all, most teenagers had them at one point (though it’s deeply refreshing to read friends of mine who got braces installed after they became 40!). Well, because to me, having braces is a daily reminder that I MATTER. That I care about myself. That I am my own priority. And I live a transparent life. If my braces hurt, I’m going to tell you if you’re riding with me while I drive us somewhere. I am going to tweet about it, I’m going to post about it on Facebook.

Getting braces will improve my physical appearance, will fix problems with my eating habits, and will make me feel way more self-confident when I smile. So, as painful as they are, and as much cutting I’m getting inside my mouth (OUCH) and as much as I am not able to eat just about anything (the list of things I can’t eat is way longer than the list of things I CAN eat), every time I spend 20 minutes brushing my teeth, using all sorts of contraptions to clean up each bracket, etc., I remind myself of the fact that I love myself enough to force myself to go through the process of getting braces. I am also paying for my braces on my own.

So, please forgive the frequent Facebook, Twitter and blog posts about braces. Braces are my new reality, and a demonstration of self-care. A daily reminder that I matter, and that I am my own priority.

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