Back to blogging: Harder to do than I thought (plus, I’m bored of social media)

My Talk at Social Media Week Vancouver 2011 (Blogging Summit)

Me giving a talk at Social Media Week Vancouver 2011 on pitching bloggers

A few days ago I noted on my Facebook personal page that I was terribly bored of social media. No offense to anyone I follow or with whom I’m friends with. It just doesn’t have the same appeal to me as it once did. I’m specifically talking about my personal outlets, not the professional ones (which I have religiously maintained up until this point). I have also had zero interest in blogging (although admittedly that has been the case because I am incredibly busy and have no time to blog personal stuff).

I suppose that the best way to get words out is to just get them out, and while some people criticize other bloggers for blogging about blogging, this time I had to blog about NOT blogging. Will I ever resume my regularly scheduled writeups? I seriously doubt it. I don’t have the time to put any effort into my personal blog, although a part of me never gets tired of the idea of blogging. But that’s because I am in love with the idea of having time to blog. I don’t particularly have the time to do so!

One thing that may actually get me to write more and to carve some time to blog is something I commented with my friend Air: I want to continue doing travel writing. My professional activity makes me travel a lot, so therefore I have an incentive to write about the places I travel to. We’ll see how I manage to maintain a professional life while travel writing on the side, on occasion!

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