‘Angel of the Sea’/World Japan Dolphins Day Recap and interview with CC

On Friday, August 31st, World Japan Dolphins Day happened in 84 major cities around the globe. I found out from CC, who was one of the head organizers for Vancouver’s event that took place outside the Japanese Consulate Offices downtown. CC told me that they were looking to come together as a local and global community, peacefully rallying for Japan to end cetacean slaughter and captivity once and for all! CC also sang a few relevant sets including ‘Angel of the Sea’ at the event which will took place 12-3 pm.

Japan Dolphin Day

Photo credit: Kuna Photography. Used with permission

We are currently reaching out through our dedicated team to celebrities, philanthropists, spiritual leaders/mentors, talk show hosts and bloggers globally; Those empowered men, women and organizations that are focused on creating much-needed change through their music, art, blogs and life paths. I wrote a song called ‘Angel of the Sea’ after watching “The Cove”, directed by Louie Psihoyos, last year. I’m sure you’re aware of the film so you’ll know it spotlights the horrific capture and mass killing of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. It was a really hard watch but directly after, I was given ‘Angel of the Sea’.

And I knew it was part of my musical life path to start a new wave.. One that would reach the ears and hearts of my brothers and sisters worldwide. I’ve pledged to donate 100 % of all ‘Angel of the Sea’ single sales when released, to the Oceanic Preservation Society(O.P.S) timelessly. My vision is to create a huge movement first though, so when the song’s officially released, it will be really beneficial for them as an organization and the Cause.

I’m pleased and happy to say that O.P.S. got wind of what we were doing and after discussing my proposal, have officially allied with us. We are currently drawing up the necessary legal paperwork through my attorney and can count on their support. There’s a much bigger picture to this than just ending the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji though.. I want to create such massive awareness through the ‘Angel of the Sea’ Movement that we are able, as a global community, to put pressure on the International Whaling Commission(IWC) to ban cetacean harming/hunting once and for all. And furthermore, open people’s eyes to the fact that these highly evolved Beings, should not be in captivity either; Educating them to stop frequenting resorts or sea worlds/amusement parks that promise swimming with captive dolphins etc. If there is no demand, there will be no trade.

This is not just something that is close to my heart, it has become a part of who I am.

Check out the song below, it’s lovely

Japan Dolphin Day

Photo credit: Kuna Photography. Used with permission

You can learn more about CC Cox here on her Facebook page:

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