Managing yourself: Hire extremely competent people to help you

My life is incredibly busy and totally complicated, but not because I do not plan my life (in fact, I am such a planner that I schedule my life to the very last minute). I wake up early in the morning and get a bunch of things done. One of the beautiful things about having started working from a very young age (I worked for both of my parents, managing their office) was that I knew that behind every successful academic (or professional) there’s a fantastic team of support people.

Granville Island Brewery September 2011 event

Thus, I can’t stress this enough: when you hire help, hire extremely competent people. I did so, for example, with my research assistants and I’ve done so as well with my interns for (Anabelle and Jessica, I’m sure you read their posts on my site).

My beautiful and fashionable interns @anabellebf and @space_cadet00 at @standingarmed presentation SS'12

Both Anabelle and Jessica had a number of skills and strengths that I could rely on (Jessica is an excellent photographer, Anabelle is a fantastic writer, and both of them have wonderful organizational skills, they were extremely professional and competent and they were fabulous bloggers – I really appreciated their support for the duration of their internship).

And even now, if I ask for their help, both of them have kind of a “mind meld” with me – they know exactly what I need done and how I want it done. This is one of the keys to achieving your goals: hire extremely competent people who can actually help you instead of you having to work harder to train them.

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Heather HessSeptember 8th, 2012 at 7:46 pm

Hello – I would like to talk to you – I have been thinking of finding someone that can help me with an aspect of my website for a commission. Thanks for getting in touch with me – Heather
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