Grape Jell-O for the soul

Grape Jell-O for the soul :)When we first met, JT always asked me if I had known myself and who I was my entire life. After all, to most people I look like (and behave like) an old soul. In many ways, I *am* an old soul. I thrive amongst people older than me, I eschew the usual party animal style of younger people or even people of my generation. And yes, ever since I remember I have known who I am, where I am going, and what I want.

Because of how well I know myself, I know that eating grape Jell-O will always soothe my soul. There is a back story to that fact. My late Auntie (she passed away in 1999) was like my second Mom. She never married, but she was very close to my mother, and because of that, she became really close to us. In my mind, I never defined any family event without my Auntie and my Grandpa. Whenever I (or any of my brothers) calculated tickets for graduations, my Auntie and my Grandpa always came into the equation. They were a constant in my life, and that of my brothers (and they even were part of my oldest 2 nieces).

My Auntie had her “signature” dishes: pork rinds with chile, a chorizo dish, and grape Jell-O. Yes, strange as that sounds, her grape Jell-O was just amazing. And ever since she passed away, I have grown to make those dishes to remind myself of her, and to soothe my soul. Same as when I’m missing my Mom (though, lucky for me, she and my Dad are still alive). But whenever I want to remember them, I simply cook something they used to make for me as a child. So that’s why I am making grape Jell-O for my soul tonight: Because tonight, I’m just giving myself a mental and emotional break (I’ve been working a tad too hard). But it’s time for myself too.

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