Out of the Closet Renew Boutique (Victoria, BC)

Breathe Now 2012 socialWhen I participated in Breathe Now 2012 (as a media sponsor), I attended the after party which was also, if I’m recalling correctly, benefitting Out of the Closet Renew Boutique in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). Located on 1736 Douglas St (phone 250-590-2719), Out of the Closet is a very unique thrift store because its very mission is to support and empower queer youth. As you all know, supporting non-profits is one of the missions I have established for my blog, and in particular supporting charities and non-profits that empower queer youth. Given the higher rate of suicide in queer youth, I make it part of my mission to encourage folks to support queer-focused charities.

I strongly believe that Out of the Closet is one of those social enterprises worth supporting, so I would like to encourage you to buy clothes and/or donate clothes as well. From the Out of the Closet website:

A provincially registered enterprising no-profit business committed to social justice and queer visibility. through fundraising and community development.

The Queer community has a significantly higher suicide rate, particularly amongst guy youth and trans folks.
Many Queer folks experience the rejection of their families and homo/transphobic abuse which can lead to issues such as depression, isolation, addictions, suicide and homelessness.

An inclusive term that includes people who may personally/politically identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited, intersexed, pansexual, ally or something else., or choose no label.

Please consider supporting Out of the Closet Renew Boutique, and maybe pay them a visit next time you are touring Victoria, BC. You can also find them on Facebook.

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