My Sister’s Closet, social enterprise of BWSS (Battered Women Support Services)

bswwAnd on the topic of thrift stores and social enterprises, I recently found out about My Sister’s Closet, a social enterprise of Battered Women Support Services, in Vancouver.

One of the things I do realize I love about Vancouver is how many non-profit and support programmes there are to help underprivileged people. I think the work that Battered Women Support Services does is fantastic, and I’m happy to promote My Sister’s Closet as well (I recently wrote about Out of the Closet Renew Boutique, another thrift store whose work is along the lines of supporting vulnerable groups, in the case of Out of the Closet, queer youth).

A determined group of women started Battered Women’s Support Services in 1979. Our goal is the elimination of all violence against girls and women. We have been delivering training and education programs to support service providers and to end violence against girls and women for over 30 years. We provide direct service support and advocacy for girls and women who have experienced abuse, systemic advocacy, law reform, and for 21 years we have delivered a youth engagement in violence prevention program in public and private schools in British Columbia. In our effort to support zero waste and eco fashion, we are solid members of the thrift movement operating My Sister’s Closet as a social enterprise in Vancouver, BC. In 2010, we launched The Violence Stops Here campaign, urging men to own their role in ending violence against girls and women

You can follow My Sister’s Closet on Twitter as well. Do consider supporting this worthy programme.

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Bev SheridanJanuary 18th, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Do you accept donations of clothing? If so, what are the most requested items you accept?

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