Managing yourself: Design a workflow that works for you

Whenever anybody asks me how can I get done so much in so little time, one of the first things that come to my mind is the fact that I designed my workflow in a way that works for me. For example, when you think about all the things that come with writing a blog post, I have mastered tools that make my workflow much easier.

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Photo credit: Ian Ruotsala on Flickr

First, I download my photos on a regular basis and file them on specific folders that describe in rich detail the event I am using them for.

Second, I upload my photos really fast (I use Flickr Uploadr, and because I have uploaded dozens of thousands of photos, I already know which tags to use, etc.)

Third, I draft what I want to say on the blog post and reuse whatever text I use frequently (for example, my disclosure statements are for the most part, the same except for the type of event I attended, or who attends on my behalf).

Fourth, I write whenever I feel the inspiration coming, and then pre-schedule my blog posts using WordPress’ scheduling function. I have an editorial calendar and always try to ensure that I have a blog entry for each day, at least. And if sometimes I have the time, I publish one or two additional posts, depending on what is happening that day.

So, I have learned that it takes time to do things as fast as I do, but the most important thing is I think to master the tools that you use in whatever craft you are, and then design a workflow that works for you.

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Jessie FestaAugust 31st, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Love these tips! So great for anyone who is self employed and really needs to be on top of their work.
Jessie Festa recently posted..How To Get A Taste Of Local Flavor At An All-Inclusive Resort

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