Freelance Camp Vancouver 2012 (September 15, 2012)

As you may know, in my position as a member of the Board and Senior Strategic Advisor to The Network Hub, I have been heavily involved in whatever projects they undertake. Sadly, this year I will not be able to have as much impact in their direction because I am in Mexico, but I am always happy to promote their projects, even more so when it comes to one that is near and dear to all of our hearts: Freelance Camp Vancouver, now in its 2012 edition, taking place on September 15th, 2012.

Freelance Camp Vancouver 2011 Afternoon sessions

What is Freelance Camp Vancouver, you ask, and why on the planet would the founders of The Network Hub want to put themselves AGAIN through the excruciating pain and suffering of organizing a conference that is practically free (all registration fees are used as donations for non-profit/charitable causes in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland region). Well, because they care (and well, because WE care) about the community they are inserted in. As a launch pad and coworking space, The Network Hub is committed to supporting freelancers in any way they can, including the organization of amazing events such as Freelance Camp Vancouver. In the photo below, you’ll find the founders of The Network Hub and organizers of Freelance Camp Vancouver (Minna Van, Jay Catalan, John Van), our collaborator and always amazing partner-in-crime Meena Sandhu from ING Direct who helped us organize FCV2011 and yours truly.

Freelance Camp Vancouver 2011

Photo credit: Jeremy Lim

Freelance Camp Vancouver is an event BY people FOR the people. Each year, we run Freelance Camp Vancouver under the unstructured, open source, unconference model set up by BarCamp. All you need to do (in addition to paying the small fee that goes 100% directly to donations for non-profits) is to come prepared to share some of your expertise with the group.

Freelance Camp Vancouver 2011

Previous years have had people giving talks on how to build new WordPress sites, how to invoice clients and properly get paid for your freelance work, how to manage your own project, how to use social media to effectively draw more work via social media. We have also had yoga sessions and a number of other amazing contributions. And the response has been ALWAYS incredibly positive. Last year we held Freelance Camp Vancouver in the New Westminster campus of The Network Hub and it looks like it will be the case this year too.

The Network Hub Campus New Westminster at dusk

You can read more on how Freelance Camp Vancouver 2012 will work on this blog post. It’s my understanding that in addition to Meena Sandhu, this year Owen Clark will join the organizing team, which I think it’s great. If I were you, I would purchase my tickets RIGHT NOW. We had about 85 people on a wait list last year, and we felt horrible that despite increasing numbers, we couldn’t serve everyone. So, please do register ASAP. And let me re-emphasize: there are no tickets at the door.

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