Openly Gay Dance/Pop Artist Tyrell Witherspoon Debuts “One Step Closer”

Tyrell Witherspoon is not only a great dancer and singer, but he also happens to be a friend of mine. Ty and I met through our common friends in the queer community and became friends as we actively participate in projects around Vancouver that support queer youth and GLBT rights. Tyrell is also a member of the cast of Homorazzi (several of the Homorazzi folks are also good friends of mine, including Patrick Levesque who is Tyrell’s fiance). I was just recently informed that Tyrell had just released his newest video, One Step Closer. Check it out below, it’s awesome.

A little bit on the story around One Step Closer:

The video for “One Step Closer” was shot locally in Vancouver with the help of Reel Illusions Entertainment. FiancĂ© Patrick Levesque plays Tyrell’s lover who gets a little too close for comfort with a mutual friend. Tyrell doesn’t trust this “Kevin” but Patrick doesn’t listen. After a fight, Tyrell heads to the terrace to dance out his emotions while Patrick heads to local lounge 1181 to meet up with Kevin. However, the situation quickly heads south when Kevin puts the moves on Patrick. Realizing Tyrell was right, Patrick begins to head home frantically trying to get a hold of Tyrell on the phone. When Patrick returns to their apartment, will Tyrell forgive him or is he ready to move on? The storyline is intercut with footage of Tyrell and two backup dancers busting out some choreography at Blue Egg Studios.

“One Step Closer” is currently available on iTunes, and Google Play.

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Born27August 4th, 2012 at 4:34 pm

I love the tune of the song! And Tyrell is indeed a good dancer. I love the way he moves! Terrific!
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