Titanic (Theatre Under the Stars) [Guest review by @loisrp]

I had the good fortune to see both Theatre Under the Stars productions, The Music Man and Titanic, that are currently playing in Stanley Park, reviewing them in exclusive for Hummingbird604.com.

I admit that I thought to myself, “”Can there possibly be anything new to say, sing, or dance re the Titanic?”. And, having seen this well-done production, I can emphatically say, “Yes!”.


Photo credit: Tim Matheson

Throughout the show, as appropriate, details such as the ship’s engineering blueprints, the luxurious salons, the boiler room, and the starry nights are projected at the back of the stage. The actors worked well with the projections, and the effect was very natural.

Being a geek, I appreciated that they started off with technical details of the ship and discussed intricate navigational details. In the past few decades, after several aviation disasters that featured an imperious captain, the concept of Crew Resource Management (CRM) has been adopted in aviation in an effort to give a voice to junior crew members who are afraid to challenge the captain’s mistakes. This production makes clear how the hierarchical structure of seafaring, circa 1912, helped bring about the Titanic disaster. But no worries if you aren’t geeky in this way – the human interest angle is very well-done too.

Titanic reflects a world of strictly segregated classes, as represented by the First Class, Second Class, and Third Class levels. Yet, given the era of the Titanic, on the eve of World War I, this strict hierarchy is under attack. The lower classes can and do make moves to mix with the upper classes.

A ship containing over 2000 souls aboard inevitably contains a large collection of personal stories. These vignettes are artfully woven and developed through the evening. Each level has its own romances and heartaches. Both the young and the old experience heartbreak, true love, and loss. There are continuous whiffs of exciting scandal and intrigue.

I have seen several Theatre Under the Stars productions, and I am inevitably impressed by the costume and set details. Titanic is no exception. The actors represent a wide range of ages, as befits the different stories being told. The music skilfully brings out the menace and inevitability of the iceberg.

So, even if you know the ending, Titanic is well worth seeing. It is playing alternate nights until August 17. See the Theatre Under the Stars information page.

Disclaimer Lois Patterson reviewed both Theatre Under The Stars plays in exclusive for Hummingbird604.com. There was no expectation of a review, nor in the case of a review being written, was there any expectation that it would be positive. Raul always has editorial control on the blog’s content. Read more about Lois below.

About Lois Patterson: Lois Patterson enjoys travel, theatre, arts, and literature. She favours integration of science and humanities, and has a special weakness for mathematical interpretations of artistic phenomena. Her work in technical writing, software testing, and UI design is informed by this philosophy. She writes a blog and can be followed on Twitter at @loisrp

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