Esa Niña by Luis Miguel

I remember the very first time I listened to this song (Esa Niña, sung by Mexican singer Luis Miguel, obviously in Spanish): I was going on holidays with my parents to the beach (most likely Mazatlan) and the radio began playing this song. Literally, the song’s title translated to English is “That Little Girl”. This song reminds me of my childhood so much. The song pays homage to young women (Luis Miguel sings how much he likes his girlfriend, who is gifted with a tremendous zest of life. At the time, his girlfriend supposedly is 20 years old). Whatever the lyrics say (I’m not precisely crazy about them), the music itself reminds me of good times in my life. I listened to it last night as I was driving back from the hospital from visiting my friend, so it was a little glimmer of happiness in what would have been otherwise a pretty dark night. For your listening pleasure.

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