Happy birthday, @babbydora

With my second mom, @babbydora at @nubatown for @icurlyt birthdayI’m a very lucky guy, in more ways than one. Sometimes, you know how destiny works, that you befriend not only one individual but an entire family, and they become like your own? That’s what happened to me with the Schwebers. I first met Ianiv and Arieanna Schweber at Northern Voice, a few years ago. We became really good friends and Arieanna and I decided to write a book together (which you can download here).

Our values are very much aligned and I’m proud to call them friends. And in fact, I’ve befriended not only Ianiv and Arieanna, but also Ianiv’s sister (and husband), and Ianiv’s Mom. Dorita has been amazing to me and she has behaved pretty much like my Mom in Canada. We go together to ballet, theatre performances, and she’s always been willing to cook a Mexican meal whenever I feel like I miss Mexico (I’m in Mexico right now so I’m missing the chance to give Dorita a hug). On this special day, all I wanted to say is that I’m incredibly blessed to have you in my life and I really appreciate that you welcomed me into your family, not only as a friend of your son and daughter-in-law, but as one of your own. Much love and happy birthday!

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DoritaJuly 19th, 2012 at 8:45 am

Puedo sentir el cariNo a distancia! Gracias!!
Siempre seras parte de nuestra familia!
Much love back to you!

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