Los Amigos Invisibles at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival 2012 (guest review by @Comiditas)

Los Amigos Invisibles was the concert that closed the TD Vancouver Jazz Festival this year. I have to begin by admitting that the reason that I was in that concert was because a Venezuelan friend told me that they were fantastic. So a few days before I begun doing some homework by listening to their music. To be honest, I was very impressed with their songs, the music was so cool and funky, I was looking forward to the concert!

Los Amigos Invisibles at TD VIJF 2012 Photo by MarcelaDeLaPena

Los Amigos Invisibles. Photo credit: Marcela de la Pena

I learned that this group celebrated their 20th anniversary last year so they have been around for quite some time now. They begun playing in Caracas (Venezuela) with an alternative music proposal. They were promoted by David Byrne in 1995 and five years later, they were nominated for a Grammy and Latin Grammy.

The concert held on Sunday July 1s at the Vogue Theatre was full of people ready to dance. The band begun to play the classical songs like Sexy, Mentiras, La Vecina, among the most popular ones. Being in the concert with a groupie was fantastic, we were in the front row by the stage, I got in a great mood and we danced the whole time. The songs were fantastic, the musicians so nice and you could tell that they knew their material perfectly but at the same time they were having fun with their audience.

My favourite song was Mentiras, and I guess it was may people’s favourite because it was sang quite loudly with the band. The guitarist is an amazing musician, I mean the whole band was but this guy had such a groovy tune that was great to watch. Now Los Amigos Invisibles is one of my favourite bands from Latin America.

Disclsure:Marcela wrote this guest review of Los Amigos Invisibles at the 2012 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival in exclusive for Hummingbird604.com. She attended the performance and paid for her tickets on her own dime. More about Marcela below:

Marcela de la Pena is an urban planner who specializes in Urban Design and Community Development. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about life in Canada. You can read about her life in Canada blog (in Spanish) Mi Vida en Canada.

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HarveyJuly 21st, 2012 at 4:31 pm

Actually found this blog after seeing Los Amigos Invisibles at the same show.
They tore it up and now I’m looking to find out more about the, and stumbled across this. Bizar coincedence or what.

Anyway, I can confer they’re a great band.

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