Keep It Together (Instrumental Remix) by Madonna

Madonna is a music goddess, whether people like her or not. That woman has been able to invent and reinvent herself and create music that is enduring, fun and ground-breaking. This song, Keep It Together, was one of those that stayed in my head for decades. I heard it when I was a child, danced to it in my MBA days and listened to this version, the Instrumental Remix, at a club one time when I went on a first date (I never go to a club on a first date!)

While reading the Wikipedia entry for this song (rather extensive, I might add), I realized that the lyrics do have a very strong focus on family. I am a family guy, so I think that also made me become fixated with this song. I absolutely love it, and here it is, for your listening pleasure, for Music Monday, Keep It Together (Instrumental Remix) by Madonna.

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