Encouraging sustainable transportation in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver through Pacific Commuter Club

When I first moved to Canada I was embarrassed with the interurban transportation system they had in Vancouver and surrounding areas. How could it be that Mexico’s Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales could have MUCH better transportation systems (particularly, the amenities provided on board) than Canada’s Greyhound? Well, it looks like Pacific Commuter Club came right on time, not only to encourage sustainable transportation from the Fraser Valley to Vancouver, but also to provide much needed luxury and comfort commuting.

Pacific Commuter Club

Pacific Commuter Club from the inside. Photo credit: Elle&R Photography

Pacific Commuter Club

Pacific Commuter Club from the inside. Photo credit: Elle&R Photography

Pacific Commuter will begin its journey each morning picking up members from locations in both Surrey and Langley, and multiple drop-off locations in downtown Vancouver, including Waterfront Station, Coal Harbour and the Sheraton Wall Centre. Among the amenities on Pacific Commuter’s buses are reclining plush seats, tray tables and bathrooms. Each bus is also equipped with a kitchen for those who struggle to get their breakfasts together in the morning. Perhaps one of the most appealing amenities, the wifi connection allows commuters to start their day that much earlier, if they so chose.

A few points that I liked about the Pacific Commuter Club
• Membership based commuter club
• Goal is to provide productive and/or relaxing commute, while getting single-person commuter vehicles off the road
• Luxury coach with wi-fi, kitchenette, bathroom, reclining seats w/ table tops
• Pick up points dependent on where members live (lots of room for growth)
• Free parking available at pick-up points in Langley & Cloverdale
• Inspired by the commuter buses Google provides to its employees at their California headquarters
• Reserved seating & 30 minute Car2Go membership for annual members
• Flex passes available for $25/day

Pacific Commuter Club

Darian Kovacs and Chris Geoghegan. Photo credit: Elle&R Photography

The cost of monthly membership for Pacific Commuter is slated to start at $395.00 per month. If you factor in time you waste commuting, plus all the additional amenities, it’s actually a very good option (I have done inter-urban commuting and let me tell you, it’s NOT PRETTY). I don’t live in the suburbs so I can’t say that I have done the math, but the idea of getting more cars off the roads, increasing High-Occupancy-Vehicles and providing commuters with amenities that they require for their comfort is just awesome.

I have a one month (30 days) pass to Pacific Commuter Club to give away to one lucky reader of mine. All you need to do is tell me something you do on a regular basis to be more sustainable in your transportation. Perhaps you telecommute once a week, or perhaps you carpool. Or maybe you take the bus on occasion, or the Skytrain. What do you do to make your transportation more sustainable?

I will draw a winner out of all entries. You can earn an entry via several methods (with a cumulative total of , one for each method):

1) You can drop a comment on this post (first entry) with something you do on a regular basis to be more sustainable in your transportation.

2) You can tweet the following if you have Twitter (second entry)

Told @hummingbird604 a sustainable transportation tip http://is.gd/YxDCRg to enter to win 1 month @PacificCommuter membership

3) You can Pin this blog post (click on the little Pin This button)

4) You can access my Pin of this blog post and drop a comment there with how you would go more sustainable in your transportation (or if you do it already, well, how you do it).

5) You can repin my Pin of this blog post.

6) You can post an Instagram photo of a sustainable-transportation activity (e.g. biking, telecommuting, etc), cross-post it to Twitter, tag me in the tweet as well as include @PacificCommuter on your tweet).

If you do all 6 of them, of course, you will earn a total of 6 entries. It should also obviously be noted that this giveaway works best if you are a Surrey-Langley commuter or Fraser Valley (e.g. Abbottsford, Chilliwack, etc). Feel free to reshare on Facebook as well (though contest entry should be via one of the modes noted above). I will draw a winner on July 23rd at 2pm so that people can start using the service in August!

You can follow Pacific Commuter on Twitter and check their website here.

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Comments (1)

Ian YJuly 18th, 2012 at 8:40 pm

Don’t put me in as an entry Raul!!! But this is a great idea and is priced just right at around 20 dollars a day! They’ll save at least an hour and a half of their day to do much more productive activities or even just take a good nap. Though the one thing that concerns me with this business is whether there are actually enough members that live in the fraser valley or even langley who works in Downtown Vancouver on a daily basis. It is a good idea and I sincerely hope it lasts!!! Now if only they could structure something around Richmond to Downtown Vancouver with free parking….then I can see it being a success! That’s my opinion anyways :)

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