Happy birthday @JanniAragon

Social Media Camp Victoria 2012I try really hard to write happy birthday blog posts for my close friends, but sometimes life just gets a little bit too overwhelming. But the reality is, I had my dear friend and colleague Dr. Janni Aragon’s birthday blog post prepared since a long time ago. The reason being, that I owe Janni a lot, not only as a friend, but as a scholar. Janni’s encouragement, support, and motivation always keeps me going. And we share a unique friendship. I know that if I need her to guest lecture in my class, even if I am not physically there, she will do it (and she will come all the way from Victoria!). I know I can always can count on her to help me out, provide feedback, and just share a martini or two.

It’s amazing how destiny works. I remember when I saw Janni’s Twitter profile and I thought “oh, that’s awesome! a Latina professor of political science living in Victoria! I *must* contact her, if for nothing else, to discuss the similarities of being Latino professors in Canadian environments!”. What followed has been a few years long friendship that has spanned both the personal side of life, and the professional side. We both teach in political science departments, we both love Mexican food, good cocktails, and we are both incredibly interested in helping each other grow as friends, colleagues and professors.

Social Media Camp Victoria 2011 (Amber Naslund and my talk with Janni Aragon"

Janni, I am SO grateful to destiny for putting you in my life, and I cherish our friendship SO MUCH. Enjoy your day! I am so sorry I will be missing the opportunity to do something as crazy as I did last year when my Mom and I took the Helijet to come visit you and have cocktails with you for your birthday! Much love, as always. You’re in my heart and in my thoughts. You’re a good friend, a great scholar and a role model.

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