La Noria Restaurant Bar (Puebla, Puebla) #WeVisitMexico

While my photos of dinner at La Noria do no justice at all to the exquisite stuff we ate, I have to admit that this was, by far, one of my favorite dinners during the #WeVisitMexico Puebla Tweetup. We were offered a broad variety of dishes to choose from and my choices reflected my own style of preferred Mexican cuisine.

First off, it took me a while and several attempts to try and grab every single one of my fellow travel writers on the same shot, which I may or may not have accomplished.

La Noria (Puebla, Puebla)

Secondly, I should let you know a little bit about what La Noria means, particularly because the website is in Spanish (gorgeous website, I might add), and why I loved it so much. We arrived later at night, so we had to shoot in the dark and sometimes using flash, so I’m not sure we captured the beauty of La Noria Restaurant Bar. I translated below a couple of paragraphs describing the history of La Noria.

We started building the restaurant on land that at one point belonged to the Ex-Hacienda San Miguel La Noria (circa S. XVI). Construction begun in 1989, by restoring barns, stables and patios. In and around the barns we built the reception area. Barns and patios became the restaurant. Our idea is to maintain our environment and blend ourselves into the site, so as to preserve its atmosphere. La Noria thus becomes a space where time is cyclical and circular, much like the noria (water lift), our namesake, which enables us to enjoy endless joy.

La Noria (Puebla, Puebla)

You could not describe La Noria as a small and quaint restaurant. Much like most Ex-Haciendas, La Noria is located on a fairly extensive piece of land. It’s an elegant, top-of-the-line restaurant with excellent service and bilingual staff. We were greeted by the restaurant’s owner who apologized profusely for not being there with us for dinner, as he had to host a charity event at one of the side rooms. I was very impressed!

La Noria (Puebla, Puebla)

As a scholar of water issues, it was a delight and a wonderful coincidence that this restaurant was aptly called “La Noria”. This is what a noria looks like.

Noria II

Photo credit: Julio Codesal

On to the dinner itself.

I ordered a Filete Tres Hongos (beef steak with 3 varieties of mushrooms Shiitake, Portobello and a third type of mushroom, called champinones). At $170 (about $15 CDN) it’s really not expensive, and affordable within Mexican standards. And my photo does not do it justice. I will confess that I ordered my steak well cooked (which probably will earn me someone requesting that I hand in my food writer card).

I’m pretty sure that beforehand we had a soup or a light appetizer, but I can’t fully recall, to be quite perfectly honest. It was late and I was tired. I can tell you what I had for drink, and that’s because I loved it: An amazing Margarita.

La Noria (Puebla, Puebla)

For dessert, I did order Crepas de Cajeta con Nueces (cajeta and nuts crepes), which may not sound very Mexican, but I can tell you – their texture and flavour rivals those of Paris. And I have eaten plenty of crepes in Paris. Cajeta isn’t for everyone, though. Most people will find it exaggerated in its sweetness.

La Noria (Puebla, Puebla)

Overall, I really, really loved dinner at La Noria. At no point did I feel forced to try anything, nor did I feel that I was shortchanged in my dinner. Food portions were extremely generous and I was not able to finish everything, but it left me with the hankering to come back another time. That is, in my view, the mark of a good restaurant: When I want to come back, regardless of how often I have already visited. This will not be my last visit to La Noria Restaurant in Puebla.

Disclosure: My trip to Puebla, sponsored by the Mexico Tourism Board, includes transportation, activities and meals. However, my posts are written in my own words and everything I write is entirely my own opinions. Any out-of-pocket expenses are paid out of my own dime. As always, anything that I post on my site is entirely my responsibility and I retain full editorial control.

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