Managing yourself: Follow a morning routine

In previous instalments of my “Managing Yourself” series, I have written about the things I do to be able to accomplish as much as I do in the time I have. One of the most important ones, and one I discussed with my fellow international travel writers at our recent Puebla Tweetup sponsored by the Mexican Tourism Board, was my morning routine.

Sunrise Vancouver

Photo credit: Barry Shell on Flickr

Normally, my daily routine looks like this (I had to actually write what I did on a regular day for a blogger profile that the Canadian Public Relations Society, Vancouver chapter did of me):

4:45am: Wake up, write, answer emails, write blog posts, schedule tweets and posts
6:00am: Go to the gym
7:30am: Shower, breakfast
8:00am: Head to the university (or my office at The Network Hub)
- Research
- Prepare lectures
- Work on client projects (if there are any)
- Meet with students

5:00pm: Head out to events, theatre shows, etc.
- Sometimes, have work meetings in between

10:00pm: Work until about midnight, although most of the time I like to sleep early.

If you notice, the first thing I do is I wake up and write. I may write sections of an academic paper I’m working on, I may answer emails related to my research or to my academic activity. Sometimes, I use that time to schedule tweets for the day. But the first thing I do, is brew a cup of coffee and write. Writing is the one activity I do 99.99% of the time and thus I need to use as much of my early day time to write and build concepts as I can.

What is YOUR morning routine?

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